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Friday, August 20, 2010

Latest entertainers for the baby

Now Baby is big enough to watch the movements, seeing the light and even listen some music. So here is what we do for her:

Tiny Love Gym:
We place her on her back to this "Tiny Love" gym so that she sees the toys and smiles when the toy moves / turns by her kick. We are not very sure whether the music is audible, but she enjoys and kicks the sun to make music. See the video how she is cycling... I mean kicking her legs. :-)

Rocker / Bouncer:
Its a present from Kumutha Athai and she enjoys this rocking. We rest our self from rocking in our hand. Her Mama habituated rocking from hand and now we suffer be'coz of that :-( Only Appa can do that and we all just act as we do that. 

We need not rock this as it gets rocked by her movements. And its very fast, if she is very active and moving her legs fast and frequently.

But she goes to loo whenever we make to sit her on that? Any idea why is that? ;-)

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